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Committed to become a flat line vertical winding full process quality technology and equipment service providers

Shenzhen tee weiye technology co., LTD., which was established in 2014, entitled of "innovation" shenzhen shajing, 2017 will be the production plant moved to dongguan changan, the company is a collection of pancake coil set around the equipment research and development, production, sales and service in one, with is also cooperate with customers and development, production and processing all kinds of flat coil, the company through its own equipment in the production of products at the same time, to all-round optimization and improvement of machinery and equipment, make our machine in the production of the product quality more stable, more stable machine performance.

The company has a number of domestic earliest involved in flat wire vertical winding technical personnel, the customer service has delta, puth, semeida, EPCOS, TDK, Emerson and other domestic first-class inductor and flat transformer manufacturers, but also for a number of inductor transformer manufacturers and flat coil manufacturers to provide technical support.

Santong weiye focuses on flat wire vertical winding equipment, coils and jig, the company's current sales products are: flat wire vertical winding machine, runway shaped flat wire vertical wire machine, flat wire automatic peeling machine, flat wire automatic foot folding machine, flat coil bending plastic mold, flat coil peeling cutter. If your company needs to produce flat coil or technical problems with flat coil production, please feel free to contact us. We will help you make progress together from a professional perspective. We hope that through continuous innovation and continuous efforts, we can contribute to the large-scale use of flat wire vertical winding.