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  • Shenzhen 3T-weiye technology co. LTD
  • Contact Person:MR.Liu
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  • Telephone:0769-85546514
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  • Address:Second floor, 129 xinmin road, chang 'an town, dongguan city

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Vision of 3T-weiye enterprise: continuous life, innovation, carry forward the spirit of craftsman, and strive for China to create and go global!

3T-weiye enterprise mission:

To customers: to provide high-quality, valuable products and services;

For employees: to create a harmonious, mutual respect, devotees will be reasonable return of the working atmosphere;

For business partners: provide a fair, reasonable, equal and mutually beneficial working platform;

To shareholders: to provide a sound and reasonable return on the equity invested.

3T-weiye enterprise service philosophy:

Develop professional first-class equipment

Produce quality first - class products

Customer service first class attitude

Create a brand with first-class reputation

3T-weiye enterprise policy:

Innovation and seeking change, discovering and solving problems are the foundation of our survival and development.

Core values of 3T-weiye enterprise:

Integrity of this part, said to do, seiko wisdom, continuous innovation